Short Film

The short film is usually somewhere from 2-4 minutes. We used to call this our “one song” film option.  However, sometimes the one song doesn’t quite encompass or work in editing. We like to retain the option to make it a little longer or a little shorter if the footage calls for it. We are creating a film after all. 

Extended Cut

The longer film is usually around 7- 10 minutes. This package used to be called our “3 song” package.  However, since we’re creating a film we like our footage to dictate the length not the song. With this package we usually like to edit to around three songs give or take and make sure that the film is true to the What We Do protocol. 

Custom Feature

This is an extra that we like to offer.  For our highest end clients.  This option is for extended weekend getaways, destination weddings, and those who want something ultra unique.  There are all sorts of options this package allows us to consider.  Shooting on film, Shooting on digital cinema cameras, flying to destinations, and spending the entire weekend with you for starters.  The sky is the limit.